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It’s not easy choosing your education. Before the final choice, many questions can occur: what is this education involving, which courses are offered, how is the student environment and culture at the educational institution, which career opportunities does it offer after graduating etc.

In UVU we wish to help you answer all those questions when you have to choice your education, be it while you are undertaking your education, or after graduating. UVU has more than 100 counselors who offer voluntary counseling to youths with a different ethnic background than Danish.

 The counselors have different nationalities and educations, and study in several educational institutions in Denmark. Are you stuck on a question regarding education, student environment, courses etc., our counselors will be right there to help you.



In UVU our counselors are from many different countries such as Afghanistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Egypt etc. You can search for the counselor you wish to receive counseling from solely based on their nationality.




UVUs counselors study at the different educational institutions in Denmark such as Århus University, University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen University, The Royal Academy of Music, Roskilde University etc. Are you seeking a counselor from a particular educational institution, you can search for that here.


UVU’s counselors have very diverse educational backgrounds such as public health science, medicine, journalism, law etc. Whether you are looking for a counselor who is currently undertaking the education of your interest or has completed it, you can search for exactly that here.


If you wish to become a counselor for UVU, you can read more about what it takes to be a counselor for UVU, which requirements we have towards our counselors as well as take a look at our application on this site.








About UVU

UVU- Foreigner Guides Foreigner is a project that aims to provide voluntary guidance to newcomers to Denmark, immigrants, and Danes from varying ethnic backgrounds who wish to familiarize themselves with the various educational opportunities available to them in order to enroll in higher education. The guidance is conducted by volunteer counselors who are either currently or recently graduated university students and who represent a multitude of nationalities, and a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

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I volunteer as I've had a wish and desire throughout many years to help and guide young people regarding choosing the right education.