Support UVU

UVU is an association established by students and run by volunteers, we therefore need all the support we can get. Your contribution goes directly to the day-to-day running of the association, our campaign work, and to our events which will partly be held to spread the message of UVU, and partly to equip our volunteers with the tools to give the best counsel. Without the support of private funds, public funds and private donations we will not be able to do our job. Your contribution makes a difference in whether we can make a difference for others.

There are two ways to support us:

1. As a permanent support-member

As a permanent support-member, where you become a member of UVU. You become a member by writting to the board that you would like to be a member (to mail adress and by paying the yearly dues of 100 DKK to the association’s bank account. When the yearly dues of 100 DKK have been paid, you will be able to participate in the activities of the association.

UVU’s CVR-nr. 34758654

Reg nr. 8401

Account nr. 1189440

Remember to write name and adress and mark payment “support-member”.

2. Give a donation

Give a donation by making a deposit to our account at Merkur bank.

Reg nr. 8401

Account nr. 1189440

We thank you in advance for every donation.